Missouri has the coolest alumnus in the nation

If comparing alumnus was a sport, then Missouri would finally have its first national championship since it won men’s indoor track in 1965.

Sports Illustrated ranked the 68 schools in the upcoming NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament on Monday by the “coolest person who went there.” Missouri dropout Brad Pitt helped Missouri receive a No. 1 rank (apparently dropouts count in this list).

Pitt attended Missouri from 1982 to 1986 and majored in journalism with an emphasis in advertising. Pitt dropped out from Missouri two weeks before he finished his degree to pursue acting, where he became successful with numerous major movie roles. He is also well known as the husband of actress Angelina Jolie.

There was tough competition from the alumni of the other 67 schools. Pitt had to battle past giant WWE wrestler Big Show who went to Wichita State, Temple’s comedian Bob Saget and action star Sylvester Stallone who went to Miami (Fla.).

Some Missouri fans wanted other famous alumni to represent the school and comments on Sports Illustrated’s website suggested actor Jon Hamm, rock star Cheryl Crow playwright Tennessee Williams or actor George C Scott.

If the Missouri men’s basketball team ends its season against No.8 Colorado State, or its likely next-round matchup No.1 Louisville, Missouri fans can always brag that Sports Illustrated said Missouri has the coolest alumnus in the country.

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