Report: Vice President of NCAA approved payment to Shapiro attorney

According to a CBS report citing unnamed sources, the vice president of NCAA enforcement approved a five-figure payment to one of Nevin Shapiro’s attorneys in order to access information surrounding the University of Miami investigation.

The report says that “enforcement director Julie Roe Lach discussed and approved the disbursement of at least $20,000,” saying that, “the NCAA claimed former enforcement staff members improperly gained information.”

Two weeks ago, NCAA president Mark Emmert announced that there had been “improper conduct” within the NCAA investigators.

“We will not be issuing notices of allegations until after this investigation is concluded so that we’ve got great clarity as to what the nature of the circumstances are,” Emmert said in a statement released Jan. 23. “We want to make sure that any evidence brought forward is appropriately collected and that it has the integrity that we expect and demand.”

The NCAA must throw out all information received improperly.

It was reported by CBS last month that former Miami and current Missouri coach Frank Haith was set to receive a notice of allegations surrounding his involvement with the now incarcerated Miami booster, listing two allegations.

Whether or not any improper information gained by the NCAA pertains to Haith is unknown.

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