$2,979.08 at the Vince Young Steakhouse

The Missouri athletics department is cracking down on improper credit card purchases after an audit revealed that director of video operations Michael Schumacher charged $7,605.50 at a Las Vegas nightclub in May 2011.

But that was not the only improper purchase found. Jeff Daniels, a former Missouri men’s basketball director of operations, billed $2,979.08 to the school at the Vince Young Steakhouse. Daniels currently works at Arkansas under former Missouri basketball coach Mike Anderson. The charges have been repaid, but how is it possible to spend that much money at a steakhouse?

Missouri athletics department spokesman Chad Moller said the charge was for a team meal, so it was for about 30 people, coaches, players and support staff. Even with 30 people, that’s still almost $100 per person.

At the Vince Young Steakhouse, that’s easier than you think. When Dorial Green-Beckham and his family visited Texas, Tracy Beckham, Dorial’s adoptive mother, said “You have to make money like Vince Young to eat at that place because it was so expensive.”

The most expensive steak is the “Prime Porterhouse for Two,” a 42 oz. steak that costs $100. The next highest, “The Perfect Ten,” is for one person and costs $50. Steak add-ons like crab meat, bleu cheese crumbles or sautéed mushrooms range from $4-13, with an average price of $10. Sides like fries or bacon macaroni and cheese are $8. The bottom of the last page of the menu reads:

“We suggest a minimum entree per guest; all split entrees and steaks will be a $5 charge.”

So if each person got “The Perfect Ten” with a side and an add-on (averaging $10), the total for each person would be $68. Add in the cost of a drink and gratuity and the number probably sits around $90 per person.

So what if you don’t believe that every person ordered the most expensive steak? And even with all the things we just went over, the total number still comes up well short of the $2979.08.

Well, maybe some members of the group ordered appetizers. Maybe the “Crispy Quail” for $14.

Or maybe they saved room and ordered off of the desert menu. The Crème Brulee is just $7.

Or maybe some members of the group (presumably those over 21 years old) chose to enjoy an adult beverage. The Vince Young Steakhouse features four separate menus for wine, scotch, bourbon and cocktails.

Maybe someone ordered a bottle of “Chateau Margaux,” a wine listed on the menu for $1,125. It is listed on the “Vince Young Signature Collection.” These wines are the personal favorites of the 2005 National Championship-winning former Longhorns quarterback. The menu says:

“Each bottle has been hand signed and is a take home gift to the buyer from Vince himself.”

What a great gift.

Anyway, this probably did not happen. The more likely scenario is that the group of about 30 people ate in the “Private Dining” section. There are three menus groups can choose from: “The Forty Yard Dash Menu” ($60 per person), “The 2 Point Conversion Menu” ($75 per person) and the “Touchdown Pass Menu” ($85 per person).

Each choice includes various soups, salads, entrees, sides and “apps and zerts” for guests to choose from.

But if there were exactly 30 people in the group and they got the “Touchdown Pass” deal, that means the tip was under 15 percent. Maybe they just went for two.

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