SEC teleconference: notable quotes

Going into Saturday’s Missouri-Alabama game, both Gary Pinkel and Nick Saban addressed their own teams and their opponents Wednesday during the weekly SEC teleconference. While a lot of what’s said is forgettable, there were a few highlights from each coach.

Missouri coachGary Pinkel, on how Alabama compares to the elite teams Missouri has played in the past:

  • “It’s a great team. I’ve seen all the SEC teams – I’ve studied them, and I’ve seen a couple national championship teams in the Big 12. Texas and Oklahoma we played, and they’re really high-level teams. (Alabama is) one of the best personnel teams we’ve ever seen.”

Missouri coach Gary Pinkel, on Coach Don James, who both Pinkel and Saban played under at Kent State:

  • “The Don James program that I played in at Kent State, he picked that up and brought that to Seattle, WA. I took it from Seattle, WA, and brought it to Toledo, Ohio…and then we brought it here to Columbia, MO. I’m a disciple of Don James, probably even more so than Nick (Saban).”

Alabama coach Nick Saban, on the challenges Missouri presents:

  • “Missouri is certainly a very challenging team to prepare for. They do a great job defensively, with the pressures and stunt. Offensively, they’re one of the most different teams we play against as far as their style of offense. This is a very well-coached team, and it’s going to be a challenging game for us in the SEC on the road.”

Alabama coach Nick Saban, on the parity in college football:

  • “You can look at the unpredictability of college football on a week-to-week basis, and sort of make the players be aware – and I think they are – that if they don’t play their best football anybody is capable of beating you on any day.”
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