Memorial Stadium expansion: separating fact from fiction

Recently, the website released a series of designs rendered by an Alabama fan, Matt Hardiman, showing off his vision for the future expansion of Missouri’s Memorial Stadium. In the note by Hardiman at the top of the page, he explains that he has no affiliation with the school, saying, “I really don’t have any connection to Missouri (other than my grandfather and a friend)… I just love designing stadiums and being able to see my thoughts and ideas come alive on screen.”

I have seen a number of Missouri students link to these designs over social media sites, believing that they are the actual designs for the future expansion. While the note at the top of the page explains that they are purely the renderings of an unaffiliated fan, many did not notice that detail.

The actual plans for Memorial Stadium’s expansion are far more modest than Hardiman’s drawings. The school plans to only add a total of about 6,000 seats to the 71,000-seat stadium. Hardiman’s drawings, in comparison, brought in the possibility of Memorial Stadium eventually housing over 100,000 fans.

More than anything, this confusion highlights the importance of always reading the fine print.

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