Missouri football players debate about who caught biggest fish

Missouri linebacker Donovan Bonner said he had never gone fishing until this summer when he went with teammates. A long list of Tigers players have been out at nearby fishing spots frequently over the summer.

Bonner, who is from Dallas, says he wasn’t much into fishing at first but has learned to like it. Just not all of it.

“I can catch the fish, but I don’t know how to take ‘em off the hook. So I’m pretty scared of that,” Bonner said.

Still, Bonner claims to have caught the biggest fish of anyone on the team this summer — a seven-pound bass.

“He was afraid to even touch it is what I hear. He’s scared ’cause he didn’t have any gloves on,” left tackle Elvis Fisher said.

Fisher loves to fish, which is no surprise, given his last name. The left tackle from St. Petersburg, Fla., says he couldn’t really fish as much in his home state, where serious fishermen need expensive boats. He really got into it when he came to Missouri, where ponds offer convenient spots to fish.

But Fisher disputes Bonner’s claim of having the biggest catch of the summer.

According to Fisher, Bonner had claimed he hooked an eight-pound bass. Fisher, determined to beat it, went out and caught a seven-pound bass. Fisher says the owner of the property where they fished then told him his fish was bigger than Bonner’s.

With more than 20 Missouri football players said to have gone fishing this summer, we will probably never know who really caught the biggest fish. We can’t even verify Fisher’s claim about the property owner who ranked his fish No. 1.

“I can’t tell you where that place is because that’s my honey hole,” Fisher said.

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