New Missouri uniforms feature new gold

By now you’ve seen the new Missouri uniforms. Photos leaked on Twitter, and they were unveiled by the athletic department at halftime of the football spring game today.

You might have noticed the gold looks different. It’s a pretty drastic change, and it’s even further from the official gold that is listed as the official university gold (the athletic department has its own color palette).

From the athletic department: “A refined color palette allows for instant team identification and heightens emotional ties to the Mizzou name. The official colors for Mizzou are black and gold, in keeping with the colors of the Bengal Tiger. Gold, Black, Anthracite and White are used for the foundation of the Mizzou Athletics color palette.”

In the photos of the new uniforms, the gold looks a little lighter than the color swatch here. Luckily, there was great sunlight at the spring game. This truer, deeper gold will be especially more noticeable on the basketball uniforms.

The athletic department also introduced a new color for the Tigers: Anthracite. (CMYK: 69,59,64,54). This helps the teams move into more of a “matte look,” which is especially noticeable on one of the football helmets.

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