The memorable Missouri-Oklahoma game 23 years ago

Previewing tonight’s Missouri-Oklahoma basketball game, Guerin Emig of the Tulsa World wrote an article this morning highlighting one of the stranger games ever played between the two teams, a rivalry spanning 208 games.

The game took place on Feb. 9, 1989, a game in which Missouri lost to Oklahoma 112-105. However, as exciting as the final score may seem, it was the events that were left out of the boxscore that made the game memorable.

Missouri jumped out to a 23-8 lead that night, which led Oklahoma coach Billy Tubbs to pull a humorous stunt that still has people talking today, as evidenced by Emig’s article and a first half feature during ESPNU’s broadcast of the game tonight.

The Oklahoma crowd, upset by the officiating in the game as well as the score, started to throw objects onto the court. One of the referees for the night, Ed Hightower, commanded Tubbs to settle the crowd down or else he would give Oklahoma a technical foul. Tubbs, followed Hightower’s instructions and grabbed the microphone from the PA table to address the crowd.

“The referees have requested that regardless of how terrible the officiating, do not throw …”

The crowd drowned out the rest of Tubb’s message as Hightower proceeded to give Tubb’s a technical foul.

However, Tubb’s stunt inspired the Oklahoma players, as they proceeded to go on a 28-9 run and eventually win the game.

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