Gary Pinkel: What we can take from the Penn State scandal

On Monday, Missouri football head coach Gary Pinkel said that if there was anything to come from the Penn State scandal, in which former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky is charged with molesting young boys, it is educating children at an earlier age how to recognize when they are being harmed.

“Can we come up with ways to help kids recognize and be able to stand up and tell an adult ‘Somebody touched me wrong or did something wrong to me?’ ” Pinkel asked. “And we start doing this when kids are young and we give them enough information to help them make decisions when things like this are happening.

“Collectively, if we do that, then I think we’ll try to draw something that maybe will help a lot of your young men and young women so they’re not put through this disgusting behavior.”

Asked what the lack of proper reporting of the alleged crime says about college sports and athletic departments, Pinkel said people can’t make conclusions on the system based on one instance.

“We were all asking the same thing: why would somebody not put a stop to this?” he said. “And I don’t know, we all look at each other, sit around having coffee for days, just wondering why. And I don’t know, I don’t know. It’s puzzling.”

Wide receiver T.J. Moe was asked what he would do if he walked in on someone he knew molesting a child in the showers.

“I would absolutely love to stand here and tell you that I (would) call the police or anything like that, but you don’t know until you get into that situation, it’s such a shock,” Moe said. “If you saw that at a gas station with somebody you didn’t know, you’re probably more likely to do it than a guy you really respect, a guy you look up to, a guy that built a national championship defense. It’s like looking at your idol or role model, that’s really shocking.”

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