TCU to join Big 12 tonight?

The Associated Press has reported that TCU is expected to announce it will move to the Big 12 conference Monday night.

TCU has scheduled a “major announcement” for Monday night at 6 p.m. The school did give details, but Athletics Director of Media Relations Mark Cohen said in an e-mail that it involved TCU athletics.

In a statement last Thursday, TCU Chancellor Victor Boschini Jr. said,  “These discussions with the Big 12 have huge implications for TCU. It will allow us to return to old rivalries, something our fans and others have been advocating for many years.

“As always, we must consider what’s best for TCU and our student-athletes in this ever-changing landscape of collegiate athletics,” he continued. “We look forward to continuing these discussions with the Big 12.”

TCU is currently in the Mountain West conference but was supposed to leave for the Big East next July. It will have to pay a $5 million exit fee from the Big East, according to the AP article.

So far this season, TCU’s football team is 4-2.

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