Is it over? Some Big 12 coaches sound resigned to conference’s demise

On the day the Oklahoma and Texas board of regents meet to discuss their schools future conference alignment, Big 12 coaches, especially Kansas State’s Bill Snyder, had a conciliatory tone.

“There’s really some very, very quality people there who are very capable of being able to sit down and work things out in an appropriate way. It doesn’t sound like that that’s the direction it’s going but that’s certainly what I would like to see,” Snyder said. “I believe that it would be in the best interests of all to sit down and cast aside whatever petty jealousies exist and take a mature and adult approach to it and try to identify exactly what the problems are. Certainly, there’s concessions to be made, compromises to be made to solve the problem.”

Missouri coach Gary Pinkel, who has steadfastly avoided commenting on realignment issues, did tip his hand just a little bit, saying, “To save the Big 12, which hopefully we will do that, or maybe it’s naïve to think that.”

The most interesting comments came from Texas’ Mack Brown, who said he wanted to see the Big 12 stay together — mostly for the players and their parents.

“I think the University of Texas wants to stay in the Big 12, I want us to stay in the Big 12 because that’s about our players,” Brown said. “As much as we talk about money, as much as we talk about college football, as much as we talk about realignment, as much as we talk about great games, playoffs and all of that stuff, we better go back and make sure that we’re taking care of the players, and that the players and the high school coaches are considered in the question. If not, we’re not going to have a game.

“It’s going to be more difficult. Right now, with the regional leagues, the parents can go see their kids play, and that’s really important, because these kids are working their guts out year round for us to have a show on Saturday that people really enjoy. College football’s as great as its ever been, but we best consider what’s in the best interest of the players or at some point, they’re going to get so frustrated it’s not going to be fun for them.”

There’s a lot of truth to what Brown said, but it seems interesting coming from him, with Texas being the school said to be causing all the problems within the conference. It’ll be interesting to see how Brown’s comments are perceived by the general public with that in mind.

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