Highlights from pregame interview with Missouri AD Mike Alden

Missouri athletic director Mike Alden commented on the status of Missouri and the Big 12 in response to Oklahoma president David Boren’s comments Friday.

“We’ve said all along, Missouri is doing everything we can to keep the Big 12 together. (Missouri chancellor and Big 12 chairman of the board of directors) Brady Deaton has worked hard at that. At the same time we keep improving our brand every day. That’s what we do. In improving our brand we’re going to make sure, from an AAU institution standpoint, an institution that’s part of 6 million people in state, and all the things we do academically, we’re going to continue to do that. He’s done that aggressively and we’ll continue to do that aggressively.”

On receiving phone call from other conferences: I wouldn’t comment on that. I haven’t talked about that before, I won’t talk about that now and I won’t again in the future. I’ll just tell you, we’ve been consistent about what we’re doing but we understand that we have a good brand with a great institution and we’re making sure we’re moving Missouri forward every day.

On Oklahoma University president David Boren’s comment on Friday: It’s somewhat surprising that comment came out last night because I know everyone is working together and I know that Dr. Deaton has worked closely with Sen. Boren. I think it reinforces instability. Putting something like that out here reinforces that image of being unstable. How do you recover from that? I don’t know.

On head coach Gary Pinkel’s comments Friday about frustration with the conference: I’ve listened to coach Pinkel and I really applaud Coach because I think he was right on. He certainly makes his comments about what we’re doing with our football program  and also at the same time I think his comments are supportive of us.

On whether he’s more concerned now about the conference’s future now than before Boren’s comment: I think that’s fair to say. With a comment like that coming out, if you’re not concerned you’re a little bit shortsighted. It causes concern to see one of the institutions after once again after we indicated we wanted to do everything we could to keep it together.

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