Pinkel sounds off on Big 12

Missouri coach Gary Pinkel went on Yahoo! Sports Radio’s Tim Brando show earlier Friday and had some interesting comments on the latest Big 12 turmoil. At the 8:20 mark of this interview, Brando begins asking Pinkel about Texas A&M leaving. Pinkel’s response is below:

“Obviously we have some issues in our league. Nebraska leaves one year, Colorado leaves and also now Texas A&M leaves, so that’s three real good football teams. Without question, there’s some issues that other leagues don’t have. You don’t hear anything about any other league in the country having these kind of problems. You know, we all know where it starts. Mike Alden’s not the point man here, Dan Beebe is, Dan Beebe is our commissioner. He’s the guy to ask. I don’t know what they’re going to do. I’m just, really, honestly, Tim, I’m just focusing on winning a football game. You know, there’s no one, just no other league in the country where this stuff goes on, and it’s really a shame, because the potential of this league is just so tremendous. Anyway, I have no control over it, we’re just trying to beat Miami (Ohio).”

“We all know where it starts,” certainly seems like a shot at Texas. Keep an eye on whether the Big 12 publicly reprimands or even fines Pinkel for these comments.

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